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(by Using Video To It's Fullest)

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Use Our Video Marketing Strategies:

  • Video Marketing will provide 70% of your customers by 2018
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Video content marketing is very under utilized by businesses.

You may have a website, you may have social media accounts, but if you are not video marketing you are leaving a big piece of the pie on the table.

When 2018 rolls around nearly two thirds of internet traffic will be driven by videos alone.

A great way to convey information or entertain people is by the use of video.

Imagine being a landscape artist and writing a paragraph saying you do good work and make the grass green.

That is no where near as powerful as some seeing you on a video saying the same thing and showing a beautiful garden.

“Video caters to the brain’s vision as well as auditory systems, picking up upon cues such as body gestures, facial movement, images along with music. That brings about a good psychological relationship which will have an impact on a man or woman's decisions and even actions.”

Search Engines Love Video Content

Video may be the trump card from the hands of your online search engine optimizer.

Search engines like google are searching for indications that your particular material will be engaging to ascertain whether it is worthy of a higher rank.

Certainly nothing improves involvement just like video.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Video Creation

A video simply conveys your message, sales spiel, or showcases your product.

Visually we eat with our eyes, the same applies to a video. If a video is not entertaining or able to keep the viewers attention you have lost them.

We strive to make your videos entertaining and get that result your looking for. TO GET YOUR PHONE RINGING!


You have heard the phrase ” CTA or Call To Action “. This is an important factor in any video.

There needs to be a clear, defined call to action.

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Get your viewer to do what you want them to do. Sound hard?

Not really we can help with this in your video marketing efforts.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing can be an art. There are several different ways to portray your business.

Depending on the niche will depend on the style or format of video we create.

Marketing has to be a core foundation of your business, without it you are sunk.

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Let YuTraders get your business flowing with one of our Video Marketing Packages.

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Let YuTraders get your business flowing with one of our Video Marketing Packages.


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